Learn How to Secure Your Network with Unidirectional Data Diode TAPs


In this whitepaper, we aim to assist ICS engineers in navigating unidirectional traffic options, best practices and use cases, deployments and upgrades.


Today’s ICS environments face challenges protecting critical network segments from incoming threats through the very network infrastructure designed to protect them. Most OT and IT network environments send out-of-band Ethernet packet copies to security and monitoring tools to analyze and respond to threats. These IT solutions and integrated systems connect the network to the internet, indirectly exposing this once siloed infrastructure to outside vulnerabilities and threats.

A one-way data transfer between segments or facilities may be required to address these challenges. This white paper will review:

  • How to Block Access from Reaching Your Critical Systems
  • How do Data Diode TAPs work?
  • How to Add Data Diode TAPs to Your Environment
  • Putting Unidirectional Diode Diode TAPs to the Test